Here’s a few questions our newest clients have about Forbidden Fruit. Once you get through them, hopefully you will feel GREAT about coming in to see us for sexual well-being needs.

Q: Do you sell pornography? 

 Nope. Not on dvd, not in print, not even on VHS.

Q: What do you sell?

Exactly what you’re looking for. We sell dildos, harnesses and vibrators, BDSM gear, bachelor/ette gags and party favors, high end corsetry, fetish wear, lingerie, erotic fiction novels, educational literature and dvds.

Q: Do you do lingerie modeling?

No dude, stop calling.

Q: Aren’t “Dildos” and “Vibrators” illegal in Texas?

Halleluja! Its been a few years since those silly obscenity laws have been overturned in Texas.  We no longer have to fain ignorance when you ask for a dildo, nor do we have to correct you: “actually, this is an educational model”. No, it’s not a “personal massager” anymore, it’s a vibrator. Halleluja!  We’re featured in a locally produced documentary about those laws entitled “Dildo Diaries“. Pick up your copy!

Q: Who shops at Forbidden Fruit?

Everyone. The Young and the Young at heart. Those who’ve never had a vibrator before and those who live their lives as master or slave.  Our friends and the greater community come to us for their sexual well-being products such as condoms, dental dams, and lubricants.  Folks throwing bachelorette parties and those celebrating a divorce. Those who are ready to let go of some of their hang ups and couples who are looking to spice it up.  People of all sexual orientations and gender identities know that, when they walk through our door, they are welcome and safe.  We strive to maintain a welcoming and fun boutique environment.

Q: I just bought a toy that vibrates and spins and pulses, oh my! How to I clean it and keep it from getting gross?

Know your toys! At Forbidden Fruit, we believe in giving the client as much information as possible so that you can make an informed choice and find the product that will best suit your needs and desires. We have culled this information from various sources and distilled it down to a quick reference guide. Additional questions, comments, and feedback always appreciated. Check out our Toy Care Page.


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