Cyberskin / Ultraskin / Ur3 / Softskin

About the material: 

  • This toy material is well known for its EXTREME soft realistic feel. Made out of PVC, TPE, and/or a Silicon/Latex blend. This material is NOT considered hypoallergenic, due to the mixes of different types of materials.
  • The feel is very soft and realistic
  • The material IS extremely porous, therefore it CANNOT be sterilized
  • May contain a blend of silicone and latex, TPR, or PVC.

How to clean your Cyberskin/ Ultraskin/ Ur3/ Softskin toy:

  • Dedicated toy cleaner is highly recommended for best results
  • Mild antibacterial hand soap can be used, but must be diluted 1 part soap to 4 parts water
  • After washing you MUST PAT DRY with a LINT FREE cloth, then allow to COMPLETELY air dry
  • Once dry, dust lightly with toy care powder. Cornstarch may be used , but NEVER talc.
  • Store in a light air circulating friendly bag/container such as cotton or organza.


A hybrid or water based lube can be safely used with this material.


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