Latex / Jelly / TPE / Elastomer / TPR

About the Material: 

TPR = Thermo Plasticized Elastomer  and  TPR= Thermo Plasticized Rubber

These products are commonly used in adult toys due to cost effectiveness, and ease of manufacturing. These materials can range from soft and flexible to firm and stiff. Elastomers and Latex do NOT require plasticizers to make them soft, therefore they do NOT have phthalates in them. Jelly rubber toys, more often than not, need plasticizers to make the rubber soft. This is why FORBIDDEN FRUIT promotes Elastomer toys over Jelly.

Rubber has an excellent range of texture (from soft to firm, flexible to hard)  and is durable but porous, which means it CANNOT be sterilized.

Jelly is made with PVC phthalates.

Elastomer is a phthalate-free polymer and is safe for those with a latex allergies.  It is a soft material, Looks  like clear latex, but has no smell.


How to clean your latex/ jelly / TPE / elastomer / TPR toy:

  • Commercial toy cleaner is recommended for best results
  • Mild antibacterial hand soap may be used, BUT dilute 1 part soap to 4 parts water
  • DO NOT use any abrasive cleaning agents such as dish soap or alcohol
  • DO NOT boil



Forbidden Fruit recommends water based lubricant for all toys.

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