Notes on Phthalates


Q: What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are a family of compounds whose primary use is as a vinyl softener. They are colorless, oily liquids with some odor and low volatility. Phthalates are the primary plasticizer in use today because of performance, cost, durability, and overall product sustainability benefits. Primarily, phthalates are an important ingredient in making flexible vinyl products.

Q: I have heard that toys with phthalates are toxic! Is it true?

No long term studies have been done in the US about their effects as ingredients in adult toys, however, they have been banned in children’s toys and the EPA is currently investigating their potential volatility in other products.

While we strive to carry a varied selection of safe, high-end toys constructed from the highest quality hypoallergenic materials, not all of our customers can afford them.  You will not find many toys with phthalates at Forbidden Fruit; however, if used safely, these toys can be a great, cost effective addition to your sex life.  We recommend using condoms over such toys and frequent cleaning.  We also recommend that you discard any toys that contain phthalates with one year’s time.

Phthalates are becoming  less and less desirable and our stock reflects those concerns.  While we have not phased out all toys that may contain phthalates, we hold your health in the highest regard.

Here are some articles from varying sources for you to consider and make an informed decision about the toys you choose for your intimate needs.

The Wikipedia Summary

American Chemistry Council


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