Sex+ Sunday Workshops


Imaginative Impact Play

With Miss Ann

Lesson 1: PAY ATTENTION! This workshop focuses on trust and communication when engaging in impact play. Floggers, canes, crops, paddles & many more tools can be great fun when properly wielded but it’s your job to know your stuff.

Miss Ann is a Domme who has been on both sides of a flogger and traveled from Texas to the Tundra in this lifestyle. She knows that a scene can get intense and instructs on the safe areas and sane techniques required to walk away with great memories.

See the swing, Imagine the Impact, Follow through!

Sunday, January 21st 6pm


Oralicious! Combined Fellatio and Cunnilingus

With our own Sexperts Jonny and Megan

Join us for this co-ed class focusing on the arts of oral pleasure for all including discussions on tips, techniques, and safe sex. How ever you do it and who ever you {wanna} do it with, this is all about upping your oral game.

Become the mouth all mighty in every relationship!

Sunday, February 11th 6pm


Romantic Rope Restraint

With Andy BnB

This class will focus on basic bedroom bondage infused with erotically charged creativity.

We will begin with demonstration, & discussion followed by hands-on practice.  Most of the demos can be practiced on oneself but Partners are welcome.

We will cover communication, safety, and the different materials you can use for getting started with bondage at home.

Andy BnB has introduced dozens of people to various types of rope play and bondage, including floorwork, suspension, and sensual rope.

Sunday, March 25th 6pm


All About Anal

With Jonny Reynolds

Looking to become an aspiring anal astronaut, but just not sure which end is up? With the growing popularity of the idea of back door pleasure there has been a lot of myths and misinformation on the how and why of anal. In this workshop, Jonny will dispel the myths and teach the techniques and inside tips needed for everyone to enjoy anal play safely!

…By the end you will know the difference between that feels weird and this feels good and will be quoting his mantra of “No Surprise Anal!”

Sunday, April 22nd 6pm


Strap-Ons for Everyone!

With Megan Church

The practice of strap-on sex has been gaining in popularity and acceptance in recent years. Have you wanted to strap one on but have no idea how to get started? Then this is the class you’ve been waiting for!

Topics will include clearing up a few of the myths & misconceptions about harnesses, toys, and lube. As well as covering positions & movement, safety, and the ideas of role reversal and sexual power in the bedroom and much more.

Megan, who is dedicated to sharing information about safer sex and kink practices in healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Sunday, May 20th 6pm


 ALL workshops are $20 to register

18 and Over

Open to all genders, couples & singles, and

LGBTQIA/Pan Sexual friendly

Refreshments provided as well as select libations for those 21+ (I.D. REQUIRED)

After Class Guided Shopping with 10% Discount

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 At Forbidden Fruit, we believe your sexiest organ is your brain and want to help you keep it well stimulated! Our instructors are experts in their fields, many are published authors too! We have been offering our intimacy enhancing workshops since 1995 and are always looking for new subjects to cover so please email us your suggestions!

Forbidden Fruit’s  workshops are for adults 18+. We serve everyone on the gender spectrum, couples and singles unless otherwise noted.

For more information, class policies, or questions don’t hesitate to call us at 512.453.8090.

Looking for Pole classes? We no longer offer Pole Dancing at Forbidden Fruit but suggest you contact our good friends at Brass Ovaries for their full calendar of classes.

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