Toy Parties

Forbidden Fruit now offers In-Store Parties! If you don’t have a venue, we would love to host your party right in our store, after hours of course, and provided you’re 21+, its BYOB!

There is no fee or charge for having a party, however we do request a minimum of 10 guests and/or a guaranteed NET sale of $350. Our party presenters are our Sexperts with a wealth of knowledge and aim to make your party sexy, fun, and informative!

We can include icebreaker games and prizes, at no additional charge upon request. Some hosts like these games to loosen the crowd up and get the party started, others prefer to cut to the chase and get straight to the goodies! Either way, we customize the party to fit YOUR wishes.

Host incentive – You will receive a gift in the form of store credit, that you can use based upon a sales percentage – 10% of net sales. Use it yourself, share with a co- host or give as a gift! We have had some hosts make over $100 in gift credit!

When can we  host an In-Store Party?

               Weeknights from 7 to 9pm

               Fridays & Saturdays from 9 to 11pm

               Sundays 6 to 8pm (Except on scheduled workshop nights)

Why do we prefer 10 guests or more for a party? This way, we can ensure that everyone gets a 10% discount on merchandise. If you are unable to fill the guest minimum, let us know. Usually, this means that we cannot offer as large of a discount. Every guest receives a coupon for future purchases.

BYOWhatever! Feel free to bring your own snacks, beer, wine or champagne. We will check IDs to make sure all imbibers are 21 or over!

If you have any questions, please call us at (512) 453-8090; send us an email at, or contact us below