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Sex + Sunday Workshops

At Forbidden Fruit, we believe your sexiest organ is your brain and want to help you keep it well stimulated! Our instructors are experts in their fields, many are published authors too! We have been offering our intimacy enhancing workshops since 1995 and are always looking for new subjects to cover so please email us your suggestions! We serve everyone on the gender spectrum, couples and singles welcome.

We are currently limiting all classes to 10 people & enforcing our store's mask policy.

We will also not be providing snacks and libations, but feel free to bring your own in a spill proof container.

 All classes are $20 to Register

18+ & over

After Class Guided Shopping with 10% Discount

Have an idea about what you’d like to learn, let us know!

Summer 2020 Schedule

Knowing the Ropes

BDSM 2.0: Beyond the Slap & tickle

BDSM 2.0: Beyond the Slap & tickle

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Knowing the Ropes

With Andy BnB

This class will focus on taking the basic ties and techniques that you know and putting them together with some new moves to enhance your bondage infused erotic creativity. Maybe we can even get to a harness or two!

We will begin with demonstration and discussion followed by hands-on practice. Most of the demos can be practiced on oneself but Partners are welcome. We will cover communication and safety as well. 

Andy BnB has introduced dozens of people to various types of rope play and bondage, including floorwork, suspension, and sensual rope. 

Sunday, June 7th at 6pm

BDSM 2.0: Beyond the Slap & tickle

BDSM 2.0: Beyond the Slap & tickle

BDSM 2.0: Beyond the Slap & tickle

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BDSM 2.0

Beyond the Slap & Tickle

With our Sexpert Megan Church

If you've been exploring BDSM and are ready to take it to the next level, but not sure how or where to start then this is the class for you!

Discover more uses for existing "toys" in your arsenal and new ideas to include to make edgier forms of play safe, sane, and consensual. The pain and pleasure of impact play, CBT/Vulva play, chastity, rope bondage and extra time for

Q & A.

Sunday, July 12th at 6pm

All About Anal

BDSM 2.0: Beyond the Slap & tickle

All About Anal

workshop sex education adult anal butt

All About Anal

With Jonny Reynolds

Looking to become an aspiring anal astronaut, but just not sure which end is up? With the growing popularity of the idea of back door pleasure there has been a lot of myths and misinformation on the how and why of anal. In this workshop, Jonny will dispel the myths and teach the techniques and inside tips needed for everyone to enjoy anal play safely!

…By the end you will know the difference between that feels weird and this feels good and will be quoting his mantra of

“No Surprise Anal!”

Sunday, August 9th at 6pm

Forbidden Fruit

Special Thanks to This Semester's Sponsor

The Screaming O is the award-winning adult product designer behind some  of the most popular sex toys on the market, successfully enhancing  romantic relationships since 2005. The Screaming O products are  easy-to-use, fun-to-try and made of materials consumers can trust at  prices they can afford – because everyone deserves body-safe materials  and quality construction. 

In-Home Workshops



Call or email us for full details prior to booking!

512-453-8090 or

We suggest a minimum of 10 guests and  require a fee of $350 to be paid in advance. Our educators are our store Sexperts who have a wealth of knowledge and aim to make your event  sexy, fun, and informative!

Current titles and topics include, but are not limited to:

Fellatio 101 - It ain't called a job for nothin'! This workshop covers everything anyone should know to orally please the male member.

Bondage 101 - Get started on the road to restraint. This workshop will cover types of restrains, rope, positioning and above all SAFETY!

BDSM 101 - Looking to get in touch with your Kink-side and not sure where to begin? We cover bondage, impact play, submission, and, of course, aftercare.

All About Anal - This one is all about exploring the back door. Dispelling the myths and teaching the techniques that everyone can enjoy.

Strap Ons for Everyone! - Always wanted to try a strap one on but have no idea how to get started? We will be covering harnesses, dildos, lubes, positions, and much more!

Please let us know which topic(s) you are considering so that we can coordinate with the educators.

We can also bring a limited amount of topic relevant products for demonstration/sale upon request.

Call or email us for full details! 512-453-8090 or